With the sonorous name Porsche Design “911 Soundbar,” the premium sports & luxury life-style brand is introducing a unique sound system for home entertainment that will make the hearts of men race. The core of this innovative architecture consists of the powerful rear section and the striking tailpipes of the current Porsche 911 GT3, re-purposed as sub-woofer to guarantee a very special acoustic experience for aficionados of music and sports cars alike. Not only that the unmistakable sound of a 911 GT3 starting is brought right into ones own living room, but it also creates a very unique music experience. When it comes to modern technology, the Porsche Design “911 Soundbar” is cut-ting edge: high quality 2.1 Virtual Surround System, 200-watt output, Dolby Digital Decoder, DTS TruSuround™, Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless technology, two digital in-puts and one analog output, and an LED display are just a few of the numerous product features promising brilliant sound quality at home.

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