N1 is a multimedia terminal for home users. It can store data and share resources.
Design description:
1. The element layer comes from the traditional Chinese concept of tower. In China, tower is used to repress the devil, guard religious relics, and it is a holy and safe place. The use of such element in data storage devices offers more sense of data security.
2. The layer design has a sense of order and rhythm. The symbol is jointed with a smooth half-circle. The integrated design has a certain sense of rhythm.
3. The layer design effectively hides the heat dissipation holes and improves its beauty.
4. Each layer is inclined downward to prevent falling ash.
Function description:
Data is very popular in modern society, it is a kind of resource which is convenient for use but also makes people trouble. The data safety cannot be assured due to the resource scramble and waste and the low speed of the equipment. N1 provides users a new generation of home data center to solve the above issues.

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