Staying true to Leef’s passion for innovation, the Leef Magnet 3.0 USB flash drive integrates superior speed with what is undoubtedly the best-looking 3.0 flash drive on the market. Leef Magnet 3.0 is designed with our signature magnet cap and soft-glow LED encased in a methacrylic resin – the most translucent non-glass material in the world.

Available in either silver or charcoal, and in 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB, this 3.0 USB flash drive has been designed by the Leef Design team to stand up to day-to-day wear and tear while complementing the style, form and grace of new laptops and MacBooks.

Additional features include:

•PrimeGrade™ high-capacity USB flash drive – provides peace of mind knowing your important files are protected with high-quality memory.
•Extremely small design – allows you to leave the drive plugged into your laptop wherever you go.
•No annoying software – it simply works without having to manage software applications to back up your important files.
•Windows & Mac Support – plug and play with your PC laptop or Macbook computer.

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