The versatile PhotoFast iType-C is the first one storage device with 4-in 1 interface for your Apple device. iDevices with extra gigabytes of storage requires a major investment, and lot of people end up opting for a lower storage models and then run out of room quite quickly. Integrating software and hardware, iType-C intends to provide a comprehensive solution. Whether you want to a backup for safety, extra storage to use for photos, or just a drive to stream movies from, the iType-C has you covered and gives you the perfect user experience.
iType-C is a portable storage drive, light and small in size, weighing only 17g. Plug it into your iPhone/iPad to expand your storage capacity and at the same time access, manage or transfer files to other devices. This smart storage drive integrates Lightning, Type C, Micro USB and Standard USB-A interfaces, meeting the needs of MackBook 12” users for Type C storage to access all mainstream interfaces.
As the first portable storage device with patent registered, iType-C is a long-term valuable product. Multi-platform file transmission has never been easier, file back-ups of any type is not longer arduous work, but done in a breeze.

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