Functional Characteristics
The SMART OTG(On the go) USB C3 can be used by connecting it to a smart phone without a separate cable via the micro 5-pin socket, or with a laptop/desktop PC as a USB drive via USB socket.
C3 supports PLUG&PLAY and automatically starts the administrator’s application without having to install further software for easy file management and excellent compatibility.
Furthermore, it is the OTG USB equipped with all change-over switches, enabling both-way recharge.

Design Characteristics
For the C3, we have considered both an original design and easy usability through its structural modeling with a micro 5-pin as well as USB port.
Firstly, the port cover’s cross-shaped swing-type design prevents easy loss and misplacement.
OTG USBs need covers on both sides, but separate covers are often lost or misplaced by the user.
However, the C3’s integral swing-type cover both decreases the risk of loss, and ensures improved portability.
Secondly, without any spraying or other processing methods, we strived to achieve a polished image through the change of surfaces, with a repetition of both glossy and matt textures.

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