This is a Hai Yan Tang-made product combining science with ecology. It not only realizes its product function, but also realizes unique value proposition by means of its artistic expression and individual image.

As a modern product, USB flash drive has evolved into a kind of pursuit to personality and self-expression besides meeting memory needs. Advocating elegance and being particular about taste, Chinese has inherent understanding and communication to bamboo. As a typical oriental object, bamboo reflects completely integrity, growth and nature, which expresses infinite ideal and inclusion within limited space. Exquisite details and classic mortise and tenon technique tell Chinese’s modesty and publicity. Bamboo rhizome has joints growing roots and sprouts, which are applied into design as a creative thought, thus illustrating mysterious Taoism in the east, i.e. “one begets two, two begets three, three begets everything”, which is an endless philosophical pursuit. Thanks to its reproduction and growth, bamboo becomes a new environment friendly resource and a materialization feature of an era.
In history, bamboo was used as a book to keep a record of events in China.

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