One of our most advanced card readers to date, the AI910 is a marvel of engineering as it fits Lightning, USB, SD, and Micro SD in one compact device. Enabling 3-way access and sharing between iOS, Windows, and Android platforms, this MFi-certified reader is compatible with virtually every document, photo, audio, and video format, and can handle single files larger than 4GB. AI910 has a Lightning connector plus a patented design Micro USB and USB Type-A extension, with all offering read and write across the three operating systems. With SD and Micro SD card acceptance, the AI910 works with source content from virtually every device. Moving data from cameras or other devices is instant, and using the AI910 as storage expansion is immediate. With support of DSLR, action cams and even drones, the AI910 gives you an easy path to sharing and reliving these moments anytime. You don’t have to wait till you get back home – plug the AI910 to a 4K smartphone and enjoy. In addition to high compatibility, the AI910 also acts as a passthrough for power banks or USB wall adapters rated 2.1A (ideal for tablets) so you can keep viewing, sharing, and moving content.

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