YOHANN is a new support for tablet computers and combines high funtionality with intiutive use and minimalist design.

Three footprints allow to position the tablet in three different angles, both in horizontal and vertical orientation (6 positions in total) and enhance comfort and usabilty.
YOHANN also provides stable support on soft surfaces like on a duvet or the lap, as the curved surface stabilizes intself when settled into the soft underground.
This way YOHANN enhances the versatitity oft the tablet computer and provides stable support in almost any situation: when standing in the Kitchen, sitting on the table or lying on the sofa or in bed.

The exact position and orientation oft the footprints is the result of a structural calculation. The shape is gernerated by the reduction to the absolutely necessary in terms of functionality and stability.
Holes on the bottom allow to conect with the carging calbe and to enjoy the sound oft he speakers. Additional Adapters make Yohann work perfectly for various types of tablets.

Due to the abdiction of moving parts YOHANN is a very robust, minimalist and intuitive product, nevertheless with a high functionality.

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