Yoga Tablet II Pro is the first 13inch multi-mode tablet in the world, which has 4 modes to fit user needs in different scenarios.
Standing mode: For watching, entertainment and video call. With a kickstand, it can stand on any plane in your home and free stop the angle to fit your neck. It also has a subwoofer with a sensor which can “feel” the angle and turn on 2.1 HIFI system for the best multi-media experience. Otherwise, subwoofer will shut down for energy saving.
Projector mode: For sharing. With a special cylinder design, it combine projector, kick stander and long-life battery together, which can support a 80inch “screen” on your wall or ceiling.
Touching mode: For any pad usage. 13inch is such big size so that uneasy to be held. But it has kickstand which can prop up it for a comfortable angle.
Hanging: For hands-off and confined space. Its kickstand can open 170 degree and hanging on the wall by a hole. You can use it in kitchen, bathroom or backseat in car & plane.
The form uses a scroll language to combine so many features into one, simple and solid. The back cover covered by laser-etching 3D texture, add more comfortable touch feeling for it.

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