Xess is the very first generation of 17.3 inch BigPad device. TCL creates Xess as the perfect BIG format for family-oriented lifestyle modes and multitude of uses in home or at work. The lifestyle product definition makes Xess not only keep the technical feeling, also by using ‘Circle’ elements to give multi-scenario usage. The slim, 9.15mm form hides a built-in stand, stylus and slide-out carrying handle. The stand allows users to position Xess at four scenarios: flat for gaming and family fun; 30°for drawing and sketching; 50° for cooking and 75° for watching videos. The pop-up port gives user the possible to line to other device through USB or headphone jack when needed. TCL also brings lifeModes idea into Xess, creates family easy style, to let user enjoy ‘uLife’ attitude with family and every moments of your life. User can easily change Xess from cooking mode to family mode by the difference of using scenario brings. With Xess, family life never has been so easy and comfortable. Here is the product video hyperlink: www.iqiyi.com/u/1232992366

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