The Wacom DTU-1031 LCD signature display is an ideal solution for companies or institutions which require a display with an innovative design and a minimal footprint that allows users to view or fill out full-size documents and sign them digitally. Documents up to A4 and letter size can be viewed with minimal scrolling thanks to the 10.1’’ LCD display.
The design of the DTU-1031 is unique: the combination of a high resolution color display with a very small footprint makes it suitable for any counter or point of sale. The display design is minimalistic, with high quality materials and metallic colours. Together, they contribute to the high-end look of the DTU-1031 and make operation for the user as intuitive as possible. The Wacom pen with its patented EMR technology corresponds with the display colours.
In addition, the DTU-1031 operates as a regular LCD pen display and can be integrated into any standard IT infrastructures.
By its design and functionality, the DTU-1031 supports companies in creating a signature experience that enhances confidence and comfort on the end-user’s side and fulfills all design requirements for latest technology devices.

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