A laptop to stay. A tablet to go.
Unite 402 gives students everything they need: the high-performance of a notebook and the mobility of a tablet, in a single, sleek design. This dual-function detachable device is specially designed for Education, delivering the most powerful mobile solution for K-12 learners.
The tablet features a 10’’ touchscreen, optimized for finger and stylus input. An easy transition from tablet to notebook is guaranteed by simply attaching the keyboard docking station.
Apart from its thin and light design, Unite 402 was built to last. The built-in shock resistant structure makes it resistant to drops up to 50 cm. The tablet and the keyboard docking station feature a spill-resistant surface.
Due to its ergonomic handle, Unite 402 is also very comfortable to be carried and handled by children.
Unite 402 combines what is best in Intel® Education Software and Windows 8.1 with extra features for science and creativity tasks: a dual webcam with a microscopic lens and a thermal probe for temperature measurements.

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