The ThinkPad 8 has the power of a PC in a truly portable 8.3” tablet that can be comfortably used in one hand. A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) band on the outer edge of the tablet provides a pleasing tactile grip while also providing shock protection if the device should be dropped. The tablet has a fine sandblasted aluminum back with rich Graphite Black anodization that gives the tablet its premium look and metal feeling while allowing for much thinner and stronger construction. The ThinkPad 8 has an innovative camera feature that allows you to take pictures naturally and with great ease. The tablet’s integrated Quickshot cover allows you to fold down the corner with a flick of your finger, automatically activating a rear camera to capture that perfect shot. The vivid red of the microfiber on the inside of the cover gives an exciting contrast against the black suede TPU on the outside.
The ThinkPad 8 shows the true portability & power of a PC, stretching the definition of a tablet to a device that can expand to become a full PC. Using premium materials and finishes gives the ThinkPad Tablet 8 and Quickshot cover an appearance that is deserving of its powerful capabilities

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