A 12.5″ detachable 2-in-1 business laptop that can be used as a clamshell PC when docked and as a tablet PC when detached. The sturdy and compact magnesium case, high-density assembly technology, and skillful parts layout have yielded a flat and compact case. The layout, which blends large RGB output terminals and LAN cable ports with the shape of the legs for mounting to the flat-screen body fuse the designability and functionality indispensable to the business scene at a high level. The keyboard not only assures an easy-to-use 19mm pitch, 1.5mm stroke, but also when the display is opened as with a laptop PC, the palm rest can be tilted to a suitable angle to support ease of typing. Die-cast aluminum materials are used in the hinge-cum-docking mechanism that links the tablet and keyboard to improve reliability, and the other high qualities and excellent finish will satisfy and delight the discerning user.

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