BLOK Family of products for iPad Air 2 provides drop protection from as high as 6 ft. onto concrete. There are many cases that claim to provide drop protection. Most of these are large bulky cases that add a lot of volume to the iPad, but very few live up to their claims in drop tests. This created an opportunity for Logitech to build a case that is not only protective, but also slim in design. BLOK is made of an absorbent polymer structure that supports the iPad upon impact and BLOK’s unique square corners are packed with extra polymers to give iPad more protection at its weakest point, the corners. The elegant, simple, yet effective design proves you don’t need bulk to protect your iPad. Available in three different products to fit your needs: Blok Protective Shell, BLOK Protective case to use at practically any angle, and BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for those who need to be more productive.

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