There is more to a successful presentation than a good speaker: you also need the right equipment. And the Leitz Complete Pro Presenter is just that. This super-slim 4-in-1 stylus pen offers ultimate flexibility. With a timeless, minimalistic design, it functions as a regular ballpoint pen but boasts added technological innovation. The patented pen lid doubles as a USB receiver and the device can be used to switch seamlessly between slides – with no installation effort. The Leitz Complete Pro Presenter exudes professionalism and is sure to make a good impression. It serves as a powerful laser pointer – with a bright red beam. Used as a pen, the device delivers a smooth, high-quality writing experience. In addition, the Presenter is a touchscreen stylus for smartphones and tablets. Its lean, lightweight design makes it highly transportable – the ideal travel companion. This elegant, stylish pen is available in both black and white.

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