ICON Sleeve with Tensaerlite™ is an ultra thin sleeve for your Apple device that provides superior protection.

Designed from the lens of the user experience, with a high degree of efficiency and durability in mind, Tensaerlite™ is a proprietary material specially formulated for impact protection. This protection technology is made from similar ingredients used in performance footwear, enabling it to be both lightweight and shock absorbent. The sleeve protects the entire outer edge of the device, making it less vulnerable to damage from drops.

The ICON Sleeve is built with a Tensaerlite™ frame around the edge to encircle the device, and joined with premium neoprene outer panels. The unique combination of tailored cut and sew materials with the precision of injection molding makes this hybrid sleeve an essential solution to protect your device and ideas.

The ICON Sleeve is available for your MacBook Pro with Retina, MacBook Air, iPad Air and iPad mini.

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