The foldable Apple iPad protective cover ICoat Slim-Y from Ozaki was awarded the Red Dot and is a reliable tablet companion for every day. With a stand function in portrait or landscape mode, an adjustable viewing angle and precise openings – ICoat Slim-Y provides everything that customers want. It is available in many different colours and patterns. With its sturdy, well-conceived and striking design, it is a thoroughly deserved winner of the Red Dot.

Foldable protective cover lets iPad stand safely

Thanks to an additional Y-shaped fold, the protective cover can be used to allow the iPad stand safely either horizontally or vertically. Simply fold over the front side and stand the protective cover and iPad securely. Six different folding techniques can be used to facilitate different positions. Whether typing, swiping or gaming – everything is possible. The device retains its stability and doesn’t topple over when touched. Robust and covered with easy-to-grip imitation leather, the case can be held securely and no longer slides on smooth surfaces.

Functions remain within reach

The case protects the iPad from scratches on the front and back. Despite this, the functions remain within easy reach. There are openings in the cover for connections, speakers, camera, keys and the SIM card slot. The shape of the protective cover is tailored precisely to the iPad, allowing for a perfect fit. The Wake and Sleep function ensures that the tablet is ready for immediate use when the cover is opened. When the cover is closed, the display automatically switches off, thus extending battery life.

Clever accessories

The back of the protective cover ICoat Slim-Y also features a stylus holder suitable for all common types of stylus. If you don’t want the stylus holder or it gets in your way, you can simply remove it.

Product features

  • Streamlined, perfectly fitting protective cover for iPad (3rd generation) made from polyurethane leather
  • Reliable protection from dirt, scratches and wear and tear
  • Precise openings for camera, speakers, connections and keys
  • Wake and Sleep function
  • Variety of different stable stand functions in portrait and landscape mode
  • Adjustable viewing angle in landscape mode
  • Removable stylus holder (stylus not included)
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