GRIPSTER Wrap is the ultimate iPad tool, effortlessly transcending the boundaries of work and play – whether at home, in the office or on the go.

GRIPSTER allows you to stand your iPad safely at any angle in either landscape or portrait and discover your perfect position with 8 lockable options. The intuitive handle offers versatility and freedom whether reading, gaming, watching or calling. The universal fitting strap allows for a secure, safe and comfortable grip for all hand sizes. GRIPSTER can conveniently hang or carry your iPad using the handle.

The integrated wrap system protects the iPad screen with a delicate microfiber inner and automatic sleep function magnets. Whether rolled up or down, the wrap is firmly secured to your iPad. The wrap is a patented six fold magnetic cover, which offers quick protection when needed, keeping your iPad safe and secure during transportation. The wrap also folds neatly away for uninhibited access to your iPad.

The combination of the PU case and protective microfibre provides 360-degree protection whilst allowing access to all ports and buttons. GRIPSTER securely holds your iPad ensuring a worry-free experience, free day-to-day damage.

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