The Audi Entertainment mobile is the first tablet PC which has been specially developed for use inside a vehicle and provides the highest ease of use and convenience while driving. In just one quick step, you can easily integrate it cable-free into the ambience of your Audi and thus meet legal safety requirements at the same time. Naturally it features the progressive design of Audi: clear lines even in the smallest detail and pure aesthetics. Full functionality is guaranteed by the built-in features, such as the film, music and Internet browser and a range of apps from the Google Play Store. Large symbols in the typical Audi design ensure that children and adults can easily and intuitively navigate through the menu even on bumpy roads. What’s more, numerous ports and cutting-edge streaming technology are these for your convenience of – as well as a smartphone app for universal connectivity options, for instance to your smartphone or tablet PC, the vehicle’s sound system and other devices such as gaming consoles or smart TVs. This smartphone app also serves as a handy remote control for parents, letting you decide what entertainment your children watch and when.

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