The ZD420 from Zebra is a new paradigm in thermal printers, offering the industry’s first easy to load ribbon cartridge. While it can typically take an experienced user several minutes to load a traditional thermal printer, the ZD420’s ribbon cartridge can be loaded in just a few seconds. And since the cartridge can only be loaded one way, it’s always loaded properly on the very first try. The primary color pallet for the body of the printer is light grey with a dark grey accent color. This color scheme is clean and exciting with high contrast. Color and geometry cues help users quickly identify key controls used for day-to-day maintenance tasks. This makes Zebra printers intuitive so the user can, without consulting manuals, make the product do what they want it to do. The ZD420 is designed to maximize flexibility, allowing end users to add media handling and additional communications options in the field. Five status icons — status, pause, data, supplies and network — provide the additional information needed by end users to keep the Zebra printer up, running and available.

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