The ZD410 is Zebra’s newest ultra-compact direct thermal printer, with new features that address key user pain points, meet the needs of today’s market and put the ZD410 at the forefront of its class. The ZD410 is ideal for areas with limited horizontal desk or shelf space including retail stores, healthcare patient rooms and laboratories. All Zebra printers utilize a common design philosophy to insure a unique and easily recognizable brand identity, enhanced brand value, loyalty, differentiation and improved ease of use. End users expect the same type of overall experience with the devices they use in the workplace as those in the home. Zebra has responded to these changing requirements by adopting design features typically found on consumer electronic devices. The primary color pallet for the body of the printer is light grey with a dark grey accent color. This color scheme is clean and exciting with high contrast. Color and geometry cues help users quickly identify key controls used for maintenance tasks. This makes Zebra printers intuitive and easy to operate. Five status icons provide additional information needed by end users to keep the Zebra printer up and running.

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