Voladd is the first 3D printer manufactured with the aim of satisfying domestic consumption, 100% made in Spain. It is a 3D printing revolution because everyone has the possibility to create all the products they want, whenever and wherever they want. The user does not need to install any program or to be an expert designer and here is where the advantage of Voladd shines, because it is a domestic 3D printer easy to use. Thanks to the streaming catalog (available in the app or web page of Voladd) it is possible to create up to 20,000 products for printing instantly. Furthermore, users can create personalized and customized products, exponentially increasing the quantity of available pieces.

Voladd also works as a social network. As in Spotify you can share playlists with other users, with Voladd it is possible to share personalized products with the people you choose. Voladd dreams to be part of people’s life, sharing space with other diary objects like the microwave. In fact, the printer has a similar size and aspect of this type of home appliances.

Voladd is special: its unique design, the reality of its easy-to-use slogan and its ability to be part of everyone’s life.

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