Scanner R & D team uses straight touch electronic tablet with large light sensitive chip technology, the principles of CT imaging equipment to realize product research and development, make the product from a cabinet volume size now into a laptop size, greatly increase the portability, and save a lot of space, make the research of WB is more convenient and effective; Although shrink significantly, the sensitivity is ahead of similar products in the market, through the method of direct contact with membrane samples collected in photons, tactile imaging device to capture the signal is most one hundred times than the traditional camera.The scanner has super wide dynamic range, can reduce the weight of the protein sample real-time, a reduction in the number of antibody, won’t miss the weak stripes detection, need not worry about long time exposure cause the key data loss. On appearance design,scanner used the minimalist design language, modeling by lively geometry elements, buttons and lights details such as the design is very clever, reveals technology of new time . This scanner will be the most useful chemical and gel luminescent imaging tool in the future.

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