About SafeSize
SafeSize develops and offers unique technology to the footwear retail industry by providing personalized advice to every single consumer. By combining 3D foot analysis, 3D scanning of shoes, custom made orthotics and using its proprietary fitting algorithms, SafeSize helps match people with shoes that perfectly fit.

SafeSize 3D Foot Scanner SC7 3D
The SC7 3D Foot Scanner is intended to measure the shape and dimensions of the human feet. It utilizes 4 state-of-the-art depth cameras, which project harmless infrared invisible light to the feet surface and subsequently capture the reflected light. An on-board computer processes the captured images and reconstructs full 3D shape of the foot. The user can control all operations through an embedded touch screen monitor or any web enabled smart phone or tablet.

SC7 3D Foot Scanner features and characteristics:
– True 3D optical foot scanner
– Excellent accuracy levels of less than 1mm
– Fastest 3D Retail Foot Scanner scanning and analyzing both feet in less than 5 sec
– No special socks are required
– Both feet are scanned at the same time
– Excellent scanning result under any retail lighting conditions

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