nemonic is a sticky-note printer that let you create drawings, texts and photos such as phone screenshots or SNS messages from smart devices or PCs instantly and wirelessly without ink or toners. We made nemonic small and light to be placed around easily with non-tapered sides, after studying desks are vertically sorted in a narrow manner. The top looks like memos stacked on a wave, preventing anything that might block the slot but stores things like clips or pens. Sophisticatedly calculated form placed next to each other lets nemonics look like one product, making it look clean. At the back, buttons are in the left and plugs at the right to help find them. The front LEDs help tell the status of nemonic, also the color of the paper inside. Things like the dispenser button at the top press lightly to prints blanks. Plus, memos are flattened and cut to make rolled up paper easier to write on and stick to surfaces. Only having to refill paper, ensures printing up to 200K sheets of sticky notes. All materials are recyclable. Resin, packaging and the manual with diagrams to be understood easily. nemonic is not only a sticky-note printer but an innovative design piece to improve ideas.

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