The Replicator 5th Generation is MakerBot’s flagship 3D printer. The Replicator brings a seamless 3D printing experience to novices and professionals alike, with high performance features and an advanced ecosystem. The Replicator design brings a level of refinement, openness and accessibility to 3D printing that is unparalleled in the industry. This 3D Printer has a simple to use on-board interface with a rotary knob and 3.5″ display for controlling frequently used functions, displaying print status and advanced features such as pausing prints and assisting with calibration. The Replicator also has an expanded ecosystem of features including a simple to use app for preparing prints, and a cloud based mobile app to initiate and monitor prints remotely utilizing Wi-Fi and the printer’s on board camera. A consistent problem experienced with 3D Printers is addressed with the Replicator 5’s swappable Smart Extruder. If a user experiences a clog or wear they can easily remove the old extruder and replace it with a new one via the Smart Extruder’s magnetic interface, thereby maximizing print up time. The Replicator 5 represents the state of the art in desktop 3D printing and design.

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