The Esselte Leitz Icon is a compact portable label printer for consumer or business use. It makes adhesive-backed labels for labeling items, mail, or craft projects. Icon accepts 3 convenient sizes of label rolls (25mm, 50mm and 100mm wide by 15 meters long). Icon prints wirelessly from a computer, iPad or smartphone.

Icon has a unique form that is perfect for carrying but it is derived from its function and its compact component configuration. The large mass at the back holds the label cartridges; the “bridge” contains the print head; and the overhanging mass at front contains the vertical cutter. There is no wasted space in this design, hence it is small and mobile. Side panels come in 3 colors.

The label rolls are contained in a cartridge made of recycled and compostable molded paper pulp and recyclable plastic. Cartridges are their own packaging, featuring a paper exit path that can fold down to serve as its own cover for storage. The paper pulp housing is made from a single molded piece, folded over and fastened with die cut tape to hold and protect the label roll inside. The folded hinge also serves as registration to align the cartridges inside the printer.

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