Simplicity and Efficiency
Magnetic Joints: 3D printer heads require regular maintenance. The D3’s head simplifies maintenance when needed and reduces the need for servicing all together.
Precise Tension: Our belt tension system allows you to maintain print quality at all times.
Simple Bed Leveling: Good prints require a perfectly level bed. We’ve developed a knob system by which you can adjust the bed level at three points.
Fewer Parts: We’ve reduced the number of parts to bring quality at an affordable price point.
More Beautiful: Our design embodies the perfect balance between overdesigned beauty of pure efficiency.
Easily-Swappable Nozzle: Smaller nozzles offer precision. Larger nozzles offer speed. The D3’s design allows for simple and fast nozzle swapping.
Additional Details: The engraved CREATABLE logo on the top creates a small storage space. LED strips display the printer’s status through different colors. The back cover reflects that colored light for high visibility.

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