Cintel is the world’s first affordable motion picture film scanner. For less than $30,000, it acquires stunning Ultra HD resolution scans in real-time. Light and easy to use, it replaces bulky, complex scanners costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, eliminating the need for assembly and operation by expert technicians.

This has profound cultural implications for institutions and creative individuals alike. Libraries, museums and schools can now affordably scan fragile archival footage that would otherwise deteriorate over time. Independent filmmakers may now harness the timeless image quality of film, confident of drastically reduced production costs and lead times.

Cintel’s architecturally minimal aesthetic is driven by meticulous attention to detail and a need for a highly stable, lightweight structure. An intuitive design pared back to its essential elements, it fits effortlessly in the most refined interior space. Precisely tuned to eliminate unwanted resonance from digital servo motors and paired with high-end image stabilising software, Cintel ensures gentle film handling and exceptionally accurate, high quality real-time Ultra HD scans.

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