Part of our Premium Design range of phones, the Monolith was inspired by modern metropolitan living. We tried to design an elegant and desirable phone, luxurious in its volume, but simple and refined in its execution.
Unlike many of its competitors, the Monolith is not meant to blend or vanish in a home. It is to be a bold statement. A piece of design for connoisseurs to join your home, adding its own identity to an already researched decoration. We are aware and proud that this design could be an opinion divider, as we set out to create unique-ness, generating a real bond with our consumers.
With refined chiseled symmetry and ergonomic geometry in mind, using wide variety of best in class materials, it was expertly crafted with precise attention to details. Seamlessly combining modern simplicity with cutting edge sophistication. The handset incorporate an aluminum frame as main structure. Being a hand carried device, the handset had to be built to be robust and withstand to potential multiple falls during its lifetime. The full base is transparent PC to allow for the main screen to shine through. The gesture control of a couple of its functions are unique in this category.

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