The Philips Faro incorporates a monobody construction and a dual handset positioning in a modern simple and elemental design.
Inspired by modern metropolitan living, the Philips Faro is elegant and desirable. We wanted it to be simple in its execution, able to integrate easily with any interior, with refined symmetry and ergonomic geometry in mind, using a wide variety of best in class materials; expertly crafted with precise attention to details. Seamlessly combining modern simplicity with cutting edge sophistication.
We have designed the handset to be customizable for people to match it to their own home interior. This guided the construction to integrate a changeable sleeve, designed as a mono-body handset, and simple sliding mechanism.
Being a hand carried device, the handset is built to be robust and withstand to potential multiple falls during its lifetime.
High end design, a small footprint and a differentiated architype; featuring caller ID display on the base, handsfree answer with one button in a very subtle manner into its design.

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