UFO water-cooling case break the traditional tower case hardware structure. The appearance adopts a host of aluminum alloy materials and CNC technology. The product has a large area on both sides of the shoulder part inlet air. According to the principle of hot air flow on both sides of the transpiration, cold air enters into the air inlet, an air outlet at the top of the heat dissipate heat.There is high heat component in the PC desktop, the most direct disadvantage is that this cooling method mainly depends on the heat radiation and convection mode, the cooling efficiency is very low. The case has a host of pipelines for conveying liquid circulation, including the circulating pump and the liquid storage container for the storage group, a water tank for storing liquid cooling for increasing liquid cooling area of the flat panel. The design through the storage set of architecture change realized space saving, capacity expansion, specification matching and working noise reduction.The tank and the case design in the top, which make the water tank become a part of the enclosure. The exposed water pipes and water tanks connected design, bring the vitality of rebirth to the case.

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