The ASUS XG Station is a device designed to provide external graphics processing power to laptops. External graphics card docking stations that level up your laptop’s visual prowess. It can turn your old or low performance laptop to higher level, created continuity of operations. While you’ve long been able to jury-rig an external GPU setup to game on game-less notebooks by tapping into a desktop graphics card’s power, commercial solutions are starting to gain traction. It set as both side cover make the graphic card assembling in the case from up to the bottom, the process was un-interfere and convenience. 75 open angle protect the cover not straightly touch on the ground, it also create a strong structures image. Bottom V shape base offer an extra space to radiating. The thermal heat would be turn radiating circle from bottom to the top. Maya pattern radiating holes on the side cover also let the cool air in to the box, improve the thermal stability. It creates double radiating circle in the box.

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