The H-Frame 2.0 is an open-air computer chassis composed of stacked aluminium sheets with thickness ranging from 1 to 4mm. The vertical struts and mesh grills tenoned a sturdy and solid structure. The open-air design delivers superb cooling performance even without fans. The dual luminous LED lights embellish the edges of the outer aluminium blades, creating an indirect lighting effect of an elegant outline. The six-level brightness settings can be adjusted from 0 to 100 percent.

Inspired by the H-Frame 2.0 contour line design concept, the SII-1065W power supply is made exclusively for H-Frame 2.0. The dual anodized colors and aluminium stripe cover creates a sleek appearance. The light radiating through the mirror window creates a remarkable, visual display. The SII-1065W power supply provides four-timed extra power modes to efficiently eliminate the residual hot air generated by the operating PC.

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