Form follows function! Armed with intuitive and high functional design, the303 is a simple, yet elegant computer chassis. The steel enclosure presents a pure and clean outline of the exterior. The front panel is complemented with a backlit LED I/O strip, also serves a purpose of emitting light for indicating the operation in the dark.

Considering the user’s behavior, 303 utilizes a spring structure to slow down the speed to bring the protection when open the panel. the 303 tool-less and quickly release handle design allow users to remove the tempered glass side panel by just pressing the button, making installation process even easier.

By the top partitions, the PSU chamber forms an air duct with optimized thermal solution. The negative pressure enhances the air intake from the bottom to the upper and escapes through the rear and side ventilation areas, which provides superb exhaust heat efficiency! The fans and radiators can be attached to the partition, providing cooler temperatures and allowing users the freedom to be creative with how the present their builds.

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