The pocket-sized Wireless Media Drive connects via WiFi to your iOS, Android, device and holds up to 64 GB of files. Up to 8 simultaneous users can now easily stream, store and share digital content across multiple platforms.

The exterior of the product is crafted of a three-part housing using an aluminum middle band for rigidity and ABS top and bottom covers. We chose an aluminum band that assures a minimum wall thickness but keeps the object durable, portable and light. The aluminum is extruded and all surfaces are precisely machined. Then the part is anodized for a scratch resistant satin finish. Finally, the diamond chamfer is cut and polished.
The light-reflecting weave pattern on the top surface serves both cosmetic and functional purposes. Aesthetically, the weave pattern resembles fabric, a more organic feel, and provides contrast with the aluminum material. Functionally the pattern prevents scratches from being visible. In addition, the Wireless Media Drive has a discreet card slot for viewing photos shot with a DSLR camera. We chose to use freely available IOS and Android apps leveraging familiar paradigms and behaviors to flatten potentially frustrating learning curves.

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