Other brands may overlook external SSDs, but ADATA innovation created a product combining sleek design, premium materials, enhanced durability, and new technology. The SD730 uses high grade NAND Flash and passes strict ADATA testing for impeccable performance. We crafted an external drive made of durable materials, meeting IP6X dustproof standards for dust-tight protection and complying with IPX8 waterproof requirements (submersion in 2m of water for up to 120 minutes). We tested the SD730 for extreme shock resistance – it resists sudden shocks and drops without damaging data or ceasing operation. The result for consumers: an external SSD that fuses elegant style and pro-grade durability. Instead of USB 3.0, readily found on external storage devices, we use faster USB 3.1 Gen2, capable of up to 10Gbps or twice USB 3.0. The connector is reversible USB Type-C for increased convenience. Like all SSDs, the SD730 is fast, silent, energy efficient, and reliable. It is a portable product that users can carry unlike internal SSDs. Stylish build and ultra-fast performance make the SD730 a true trailblazer in the developing field of consumer-friendly external solid state drives.

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