Over the past decade, the amount of personal data created and accumulated has skyrocketed. More photos, videos, and social media posts have been created in this past year than all previous years combined. Despite this surge of data creation – and the fact that our most precious belongings are now natively digital (photos, videos, personal records), the data storage is still treated as a commodity category. Our goal was to take the mundane personal hard drive, and turn it into a device of desire that you would want to carry with you.

The My Passport design creates a point of focus at the center of the product, with a soft waist transition that splits the composition in two halves – expressing the tension between a personal and tactile object, and the seriousness of quality storage technology. The base is a beautiful, textured foundation while the top expresses a clean and minimal surface. These two parts meet halfway in a detail we call ‘Lifeline,’ the hidden intersection of these two separate worlds. Your eye is drawn immediately from the edges to the product’s center. The bright and friendly colors create a stark contrast from the traditional blacks and blues in the industry.

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