The copper High-Density System, or HDS, is designed especially for use in Data Centers. It is excellent for cabinet-to-cabinet connections or for connecting Consolidation Points.
The six pre-assembled RJ45 connections are designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections and comply with Class EA according to ISO / IEC 11801 and EN 50173-1. The cables are pre-assembled on both sides with 6-port HDS modules and delivered, along with test reports, in any length up to 50 meters.
After lying the cables, simply mount the two 6-port HDS modules in a HDS-mounting frame in a service cabinet
or under floor system. Extremely high packing density is possible, up to 168 RJ45 ports in three height units, or up to 18 ports in an under floor installation are possible.
The easy to open module housing enables the user to service the HDS and exchange the individual keystone jacks as required. Cutting and re-assembling the cable is not necessary.
The integrated LED-function displays the paired HDS Links enabling the user to identify the corresponding HDS at the other end of the line. By connecting an LED Detector on one side of an HDS Link the user sees immediately which HDS on the other side is lighted.

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