The all-in-one CPU liquid cooler Liqtech 120X has been designed for performance-capable and overclocked multi-core processors. With its characteristic, matt-black design, the cooler fits perfectly into the new “Ahead of the Game” product line from Enermax.

Inside the massive aluminium water block operates a silent and durable ceramic bearing pump. The copper cold plate is based on the patented Shunt Channel Technology: The shunt crosses the usual micro-fin structure, increases the liquid flow rate and ensures an effective hot spot elimination. The blue illuminated logo on the top of the water block shows the operating mode.

Enermax delivers Liqtech with two Twister Pressure fans which are based on the patented Twister bearing. They achieve extraordinarily high static pressure and allow for an optimal balance between cooling performance and noise generation. At the back side, you can find the APS switch (“Adjustable Peak Speed”) which enables three speed modes: Silent, Performance and Overclock Mode. Finally, Enermax has improved the radiator structure: The large contact surface provides more efficient heat dissipation than conventional constructions.

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