Cloud ID Protector — Security Cable is the worldwide first one and only one security device integrates software and hardware to protect ID and password from keylogger viruses with smart phones. Most security technologies are designed for internet cloud server. Only few are designed for client users. Hackers can easily get the victim’s account information and use it to access the victim’s cloud services like on-line banking.
The Security Cable encrypts input data to protect from keylogger viruses. Users use their smart phone as the input platform and link the PC with the security cable. Users can input confidential data in the APP, the Cable will encrypt input data and transfer it to PC safely. The keylogger viruses could only get the meaningless codes.
It’s suitable for:

1.Important key-stroke Data
2.ID Accounts and Passwords
3.Banking Account
4.Credit Card Number
5.On-line gaming, shopping

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