Functional Characteristics
The SMART OTG(On the go) HDD C5 can be used by connecting it to a smart phone with a cable via the micro 5-pin socket, or with a laptop/desktop PC as a HDD drive via USB socket.
C5 supports PLUG&PLAY and automatically starts the administrator’s application without having to install further software for easy file management and excellent compatibility.
Furthermore, it is the OTG HDD equipped with all change-over switches, enabling both-way recharge.

Design Characteristics
Smart OTG(On the go) HDD C5 is configured in the shape of a large area leading to an overall smooth and stylish Wave Line sensory images via Mannish look is directed. Frontal Matte Wave line and gloss Point line was implemented luxurious and distinctive image in between with a nice and gentle personality. The motif of the wave file transfer “Edge wave line” to emphasize the concept of robustness and smoothness.

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