The white color has already been one of the mainstreams in the system product line for a long time. However within the open platform, there has not been anyone that has used the “white” tone into the motherboard design elements in addition to modders. While there are too many scattered components and connecters on a motherboard and most people install the motherboard inside the case, the appearance of a motherboard does not get the opportunity to show. Therefore, the idea of “Let your motherboard become the protagonist of your system” spontaneously emerges. Additionally, “Arctic” and the color of “white” will be the main visual concept. Using camouflage is to deliver a tougher image to be in line with the TUF product’s stability and durable spirit.
Sabertooth Z97 Mark S is the very first white PCB motherboard from ASUS TUF, adding an extra-special dimension that we know you’ll love.
The rear side of Sabertooth Z97 Mark S is adorned with two traditional Chinese characters /Huo Puo/ to infuse with unbreakable tiger spirit.

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