The Apple Pencil is the most advanced stylus on the market with a great minimalist design, but it does have some drawbacks. The patent pending Ztylus Pencil Case improves on this design to give better ergonomics and more features when using the Apple Pencil for extended periods of use. Apple did not build in any sort of attachment mechanism, so you have to carry the Pencil separately in a bag or a case. This leaves the fragile tip unprotected during normal use. Also, there is no place to store the cap when charging the Apple Pencil and it is easily lost. The Ztylus Pencil Case features a built in clip that prevents the Apple Pencil from rolling off your table surface and allows you to quickly and easily store your Apple Pencil. With a quick twist, it protects the tip of your Apple Pencil when it is not in use and offers a convenient storage spot for the cap while charging. With extended periods of use, the larger form factor is a more ergonomic shape and feels natural and comfortable with less strain on your hands.

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