(Please power device for best appearance)
Wings Engine Stage is a proprietary media server developed, designed and manufactured by AV Stumpfl. A media server is a device which is used during live shows to produce, present and control the show elements. Multiple projectors can be stitched together in the presentation and calibrated on virtually any projection surface using an automatic camera based algorithm. Typical applications are corporate events, live concerts, themed attractions, theaters or building mappings. Among these applications are the Adidas Brand Center in Herzogenaurach or the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt at Allianz-Arena.

We spent extra efforts on the design of the case: The outer case which is manufactured from extra robust stainless steel contains the inner case made from aluminium which sits on elastic absorbers to prevent shock damage. The case edges are rounded to prevent damage when servers are stacked. All connectors on the rear side are professional locking Neutrik connectors. The front side features a touchdisplay for instant access and a multi color LED backlight which intuitively reflects the device status to the operators: Green=OK, Amber=Busy, Red=Error…

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