VIVE FOCUS is a standalone VR headset. No phone required, no hassling with cables connected to a PC, no additional trackers: VIVE FOCUS has a built-in battery, highly-efficient processor, and stereo speakers. The most immersive VR experience at anytime and anywhere is only one click away.

With the one-of-a-kind triangle support design, VIVE FOCUS distributes weight and pressure while still delivering stylish design. The adjustable hinge design makes putting on the headset easy and fast, and the water-repellent faux leather paddings also provide the most comfortable wearing experience. This beautiful design will fit seamlessly into your own personal taste and lifestyle.

VIVE FOCUS is the first commercial standalone device that equips the “world-scale” inside-out tracking (6DoF) system. Having a pair of two front cameras allows it to sense the movement of the use, enable the user to explore freely in the virtual world and simultaneously roams in the real world without boundaries. VIVE FOCUS pursues the ultimate goal of a seamless VR experience with unlimited freedom, no matter in the virtual or real world.

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