The ThinkPad Stack is a modular accessory ecosystem that reduces cables, clutter and footprint. There are four modules: Wireless Router, USB HDD, Speaker, and Power Bank. The Wireless Router provides a network storage feature when stacked with the USB HDD. The USB HDD provides high speed performance when accessed via USB 3.0 cable, and can be accessed remotely when connected to the Wireless Router. The Bluetooth Speaker provides premium sound quality using Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The Power Bank provides 10000mAH battery capacity which can support max 6A current to all modules at the same time via Pogo pins and USB ports. This can increase the Bluetooth Speaker’s playback to well over 48 hours. Stack modules are designed for mobile professionals. The clean lines and subtle rounded corners prevent snagging in pockets or carry cases, and compliment the desktop environment. The modules are coated with premium rubberized paint for easy grip and quality feel. They interlock securely together, guided by shape and internal magnets. All ports are aligned for a clean look and easy cable management. ThinkPad Stack is an extremely versatile office and mobile accessory solution.

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