In particular, the increasing use of mobile devices for online banking requires a completely secure TAN production using the latest communication standards. And this is where the tanJack® Bluetooth shows its full strength.

It combines the latest technology with modern design. The result is a TAN generator that masters all everyday tasks easily.

No matter whether you are
• via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet device,
• a USB port on a PC use,
• The hugely popular TAN optical transmission or select
• To generate TANs manually.

With Bluetooth tanJack® you are completely flexible and always well protected in Online Banking. Because of the innovative TAN generator meets the stringent security standards of the German banking industry in online banking.

Even more: tanJack® Bluetooth can be used immediately with all banking apps that support the convenient generation of TANs via Bluetooth LE 4. Flexible, simple and safe as it gets.

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