Sogou travel translator focus on offline translation, based on the latest neural network and compression technology, has rich features for travel, such as offline translation in 17 languages, OCR Scan camera, emergency call, exchange rate, multi-time zone time.
The design philosophy are “ease of use” and “getting closer to the relationship between people”. For best easy-to-use experience, we optimize hardware and software. All functions are defined base on the use of the scene; the different functions deploy on different parts. High-frequency button located on the right and top of the body, low-frequency button on the other side of the body. In variety of translation scenarios, we do not want anyone to be nervous about a recording device, so we weaken the language of microphone or recorder. The microphone and speaker are deployed under a crevice.
Meanwhile, it has OCR camera translation. It is creative optical character recognition technology. User press the top OCR button, the rear 5-megapixel autofocus camera can capture picture, it can accurately identify the text information in various occasions. User can get the real-time translation this key.

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